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Not all supplements are created equal

In an industry that isn’t FDA-regulated, it’s easy for consumers to experience stress and confusion when trying to choose the right nutritional supplementation. Taking the wrong kinds of supplements can make you sick, and taking supplements made with cheap, synthesized, and otherwise ineffective ingredients can cost you money as well as your health. That’s why having a trusted partner like Natural Vitality Center, with access to the scientifically researched, highest-quality supplements available only to licensed clinicians, can help.

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Spring, Hay Fever and COVID-19! OH, MY!

While the world focused on Coronavirus, spring arrived in the northern hemisphere, and with it came pollen-causing hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Suffering from allergies can really compromise your ability to embrace spring! This article discusses reducing exposure and using botanical supplements, nutrients, homeopathic sublingual drops, and foods to minimize symptoms.

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