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I founded Natural Vitality Center in 2010 to support the patients of my holistic medical practice, Vaughan Integrative Medicine, in Greensboro, North Carolina. It didn’t take long for me to realize, though, that the residents of the greater Greensboro and Piedmont Triad area were also searching for the kind of high-quality nutritional supplements that aren’t available in drugstores, big box department stores, and chain supplement stores.

NVC quickly became the go-to place in Greensboro for pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Before long, we also were the trusted providers of nutritional consultations, health coaching, and holistic therapies like Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Far-Infrared Sauna, and mHBOT (mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).

In early 2017, I and my staff at Vaughan Integrative Medicine had to evacuate the office and move into the Natural Vitality Center because the presence of mold was detected. Two of our staff members were forced to resign due to mold-related illness, and other staff members required treatment. Unfortunately, I also got sick; in fact, I got sick three different ways from the three different molds that were identified in the building. My brain was basically melting, and my immune system was being shut down by the mold.  

Dealing with my illness and running a busy medical practice took too much of a toll, and I was forced to close the practice in December 2017. NVC fell victim to the catastrophe as well, and we closed our brick-and-mortar store in early 2018.  

It took us a few months to regroup, but we were committed to keeping NVC alive, and in March of 2018, we re-formatted our operation to a mail-order business. Our goals are still the same, though: to support your health and well-being through physician-selected and recommended top-of-the-line pharmaceutical-grade products, healthful insights, and unmatched customer service.  

We also now provide free online or telephone 5 minute supplement consults with Dr. Vaughan to make certain you are getting the best supplements to optimize your health. If life is more complicated, Dr. Vaughan also does telephone or Zoom medical consults. These are $99/15 minutes on the telephone. Calling in prescriptions, review of labs, and ordering labs are included.

We hope that you’ll find that we excel in all three categories, and that you are always delighted by the service we provide you.

Elizabeth Vaughan MD

Elizabeth R. Vaughan