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Dr. Elizabeth R. Vaughan

Fourth Generation Physician

Dr. Vaughan is the daughter of two physicians and is a fourth-generation physician on both sides of her family. Her great-grandfather, Victor C. Vaughan, M.D., was president of the American Medical Association, and dean of the University of Michigan Medical School from 1891-1920. He led the movement to admit females to medical school and was a leading proponent of the germ theory. He worked with Dr. Walter Reed on the study of Yellow Fever among American troops in Cuba.

Dr. Vaughan's grandfather, Dr. Warren Taylor Vaughan, wrote the first textbook on allergies published in the Western Hemisphere. Environmental physicians continue to quote him today.

Her uncle, Dr. Victor C. Vaughan III, was a founding Member of the American Board of Pediatric Medicine, and editor of the renowned Textbook of Pediatrics - the Bible of Pediatrics.

Medical Interests

While trained in traditional, allopathic medicine, Dr. Vaughan developed a more holistic approach to healthcare as a result of her own life experience and close observation of patients' response to various treatments. Special areas of interest were nutritional therapy, alternative and complementary medicine, autoimmune disorders, sexual health in men and women, how to age gracefully, weight control, vibrational and energy medicine, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, detoxification, and the prevention of disease using genomic testing.


Dr. Vaughan was born in 1952 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and grew up in Bon Air, near Richmond, Virginia. She enjoys her family, a close circle of friends, and her cat. Her personal interests include ballroom dancing, healthy international cooking, the Arts, hiking, meditation, travel, gardening, and jazz and classical music. Dr. Vaughan retired from practice in 2017, but she still serves as the owner and consulting physician for Natural Vitality Center.

Dr. Elizabeth R. Vaughan