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At Natural Vitality Center, we always pass savings along to our loyal clients. We're pleased to offer the following products to you at significantly reduced prices, on a clearance basis. 

All Kavinace products made by NeuroScience. Many people with sleep issues and depression have inflammation contributing to their poor sleep and poor mood.  Kavinace helps you sleep and quiet the inflammation and lift your mood. All reduced by 30%. 

IgG Protect by OrthoMolecular, both 120 count and powder, which enhances one's immune function are reduced by 50%.

PurePals Multi with iron # 90 natural cherry flavor chewable tablet reduced by 50%

Curcumax Pro #60 tablets reduced by 50%

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Comprehensive blend of antioxidants shown to improve the onset, duration, and efficiency of sleep while addressing oxidative stress