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About our Prices

NVC strives to have competitive pricing for the products we offer. In most cases, we base our prices according to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Sometimes we hear from customers who say, “I found that on Amazon for less; can you match/beat that price?” or “Can’t I just get _____ at the drugstore?” The answer to both questions centers around two themes: quality and trust.

Let’s start with QUALITY. Most of the products we carry are considered “pharmaceutical grade” nutraceuticals. This means they contain significantly higher-quality ingredients that are formulated to have greater bioavailability (your body doesn’t have to work as hard to use the ingredients) and better absorption (the ingredients easily pass through the gut to get into your bloodstream). Lower-quality supplements found in local drugstores, big box stores, and other chain supplement stores employ cheaper (and often synthetic) ingredients that your body can’t use at all, or that have practically no value once your body has converted them into useable nutrients. Manufacturers include these ingredients because they’re extremely cheap to produce and because they increase the value to the consumer who thinks, “Oh, this has vitamin B12 in it!” but doesn’t realize that it’s of poor quality.

This brings us to the theme of TRUST. Can you trust a manufacturer whose primary concern is turning a quick profit? One who will throw in cheap, poor quality, poorly absorbable ingredients with low or zero bioavailability because it affords them a higher profit margin? Can you trust a supplier who contracts with a giant corporate fulfilment center to warehouse and ship inventory and thereby relinquishes custody of climate control and other important safety housing measures? Can you trust that the label on the bottle you received hasn’t been traded with a label revealing an expired product? If you can’t confidently answer those questions with a resounding, “Yes!” then that’s probably why you came to our site.

Our products simply cannot be compared to those being offered by big box department stores, chain stores, and giant fulfilment centers. You also cannot compare the level of customer service you get when you’re able to build a relationship with us one-on-one.