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• Vitamin A is essential in maintaining healthy immune function and it is essential in maintaining the epithelial and mucosal surfaces‚ including those in the bladder • Bioflavonoids from citrus and Quercetin promote a healthy inflammatory response. • L-Arginine promotes the activity of nitric oxide synthase‚ further supporting healthy function of the bladder. • Other supportive botanicals: Oregon grape root and Corn silk‚ both of which have a positive and supportive benefit for the bladder tissue.

Featured Ingredients: • Vitanica's Butterbur root extract, promotes a healthy inflammation response.* This extract is free of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, or PAs • Ginger is another herb with an excellent and historical herbal track record of promoting a healthy inflammation response* • Feverfew is a popular traditional botanical promoting relief from occasional headaches, and research has supported this effort* • Other important nutrients supporting healthy brain chemistry: Magnesium, Riboflavin (B2) and 5-HTP* Indications: Promotes relief from occasional headaches with traditional herbs and researched ingredients supportive for healthy and balanced brain chemistry and brain vasculature.*

Featured Ingredients: • Saponins – particularly aescin, flavonoids and lipids – make up Horse chestnut’s active constituents; each capsule contains a standardized extract featuring 20% aescin. • The aescin in Horse chestnut is most responsible for promoting lymphatic movement; it promotes the strength of the tissues in the lymph vessels, capillaries and veins. Indications: