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Vinco’s Alpha-Lipoic Acid is in the Racemic form which is the most stable and absorbed form for oral use. It contains NO Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Dairy, Soy or Yeast. Alpha Lipoic Acid has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant important in cellular metabolism.*

Vitamin K2-7 (menaquinone) supports bone and cardiovascular health.* Vitamin K2-7 supports healthy bone mineralization by acting as a cofactor in the carboxylation of osteocalcin, allowing calcium to bind to this protein in the extracellular matrix of bone.* Vitamin K2-7 also supports healthy cardiac and vascular function.* This form of Vitamin K concentrates in the tissues of the arteries, where it aids in carboxylation of Matrix Gla Protein to help maintain normal calcium metabolism and support healthy vascular elasticity.* Additionally vitamin K2 may help support healthy lipid levels and glucose metabolism.* Although frank vitamin K deficiency is rare, research suggests the Western diet may not contain sufficient Vitamin K2-7 to optimize carboxylation of Gla outside the liver.* Higher dietary intakes of K2 have been associated with healthy levels of arterial calcification and elasticity.* Compared to other forms of Vitamin K, Vitamin K2-7 has a longer half-life, resulting in more stable levels in the body.* For best absorption, take with a mixed meal or some healthy dietary fat.*

• Supports Healthy Thyroid Function -- 12.5 mg of Elemental Iodine per 1 ml • Mint Flavor - Graduated Dropper • Professional FormulationLiposomal Liquid Iodine

Dietary Supplement Professional Formulation Enhanced Bone Support Vinco’s OsteoSheath® contains bioavailable minerals and cofactors including Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite (MCHC), Calcium Citrate, and Calcium Amino Acid Chelate. The MCHC in OsteoSheath® is from New Zealand. Each serving (3 Tablets) contains 1,221 mg of Elemental Calcium. The pH sensitive coating is designed for intestinal absorption for maximum ingredient utilization. Contains NO Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Dairy, Soy or Yeast

This product contains a wide array of vitamins‚ minerals‚ and trace elements that might work to promote overall growth and development. For example‚ zinc is involved in regulating digestion and metabolism‚ while B-complex vitamins like folic acid and vitamin B12 may offer support for optimal circulatory and nervous system function. In addition‚ every serving of PediaVite Liquid (Natural Cherry Flavor) provides vitamin C‚ which could potentially act to maintain healthy immune function., , Although Vinco has formulated this supplement with small children in mind‚ older adults who have difficulty swallowing pills may also benefit from taking PediaVite Liquid (Natural Cherry Flavor)., , Finally‚ this liquid children’s multivitamin—which is free of common allergens like milk‚ soy‚ or gluten—has a natural cherry flavor that can appeal to picky taste buds.

Contains NO Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Dairy, Soy or Yeast

Most effective when taken daily for maintenance. Contains NO Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Dairy, Soy or Yeast