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This dietary supplement may work its magic to keep you healthy and fit. Stress is caused by various factors such as hectic lifestyles‚ jobs‚ irregular sleeping patterns and irregular food patterns. In our pursuit of excellence and achievement‚ many a times we ignore our health‚ which leads to our immune system taking a beat. We may become easily susceptible to diseases and infections. This supplement from Source Naturals is a perfect blend of traditional herbs and modern nutrients that could work in tandem to give you the optimal benefits you deserve. This Source Naturals supplement contains traditional herbs and plants that have been known to have therapeutic properties along with minerals and vitamins that may help you combat infections. This could lead to heightened state of physically as well as mentally fitness. Indigenous cultures have always believed that garlic contains antioxidants to keep your body safe from infections. This supplement contains garlic extracts in optimal amounts‚ making it an antioxidant rich potion. This Source Naturals supplement also contains Echinacea purpurea root extracts that along with garlic stimulates the immune system in the body. The Echinacea purpurea root extracts have also been widely believed to have antidepressant properties. These vegetarian tablets contain olive leaf extracts that may serve to be a powerful antioxidant too. Many cultures have used the Polygonatum odoratum Rhizome for treating intestinal problems. This Source Naturals formula contains the Polygonatum odoratum Rhizome‚ which may be used as a diuretic along with providing intestinal support. This dietary supplement from Source Naturals is free of yeast‚ dairy‚ soy‚ egg‚ gluten‚ wheat‚ starch‚ salt‚ preservatives‚ artificial color‚ flavor and fragrances. The Wellness Formula® 90 Tablets from Source Naturals is a blend of medicinal plants‚ herbs and bioflavonoids to help your wellbeing.