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Natural seabed mineral complex. Canine Minerals provides macro and micro-mineral supplementation, specifically calcium, for dogs to help balance home-prepared meals and as a general mineral supplement.

Dogs have a reputation for being happy-go-lucky‚ carefree animals. However‚ they can feel anxious‚ just like we do. Situations such as being left alone when you go to work‚ boredom‚ or adjusting to major changes can make any pup feel stressed. This can cause your dog to act out by doing certain things repeatedly or excessively‚ such as barking‚ chewing‚ or having accidents (urinating or excreting) in your house. Since these behaviors may result from underlying medical problems‚ take your dog to the vet before you do anything else. Your dog’s veterinarian can rule out medical causes or give you advice on treating health problems. If your dog’s behavior isn’t due to medical reasons‚ using a supplement that’s designed to help dogs feel calm can help. These capsules are a convenient way for you to help your dog feel more relaxed. When used in combination with helpful training techniques and lots of love‚ this product can help improve your dog’s behavior., , NutriCalm for Pets (Dogs) contains the following active ingredients: L-tryptophan‚ an amino acid that helps increase your dog’s serotonin levels; serotonin is a chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) that works in the brain that to promote calmness. Valerian root extract‚ which works like a sedative and calms your dog’s brain and nervous system. Ashwaganda extract to help relax your dog’s brain. Catnip extract (don’t be fooled by the name!) to help your dog relax. L-theanine to boost the quantity of alpha waves in your dog’s brain; these waves indicate that your dog is in a relaxed but aware state., , Calcium and magnesium‚ minerals that help reduce stress and anxiety,