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Emulsified vitamin A formulation • 3000 mcg RAE/10000 IU per drop Factor in the maintenance of good health* • Great taste for excellent patient compliance • Ideal for vegans • Convenient liquid format

Chlorophyll is the green pigment of plants that absorbs light energy and aids in photosynthesis‚ the process of turning light into chemical energy. It plays a key role in plant nourishment. Studies show that chlorophyll can also benefit our bodies when taken orally or applied topically. As a topical treatment on your skin‚ chlorophyll can aid in skin repair and healing visible wounds. When taken orally‚ it can also aid digestion and decrease gastrointestinal problems. When the GI tract absorbs chlorophyll‚ it may act as an antioxidant and cellular astringent‚ which can cleanse your intestines and liver. Research also indicates that it may stimulate red blood cell and hemoglobin production. Some of the conditions that chlorophyll can treat include: Acne blemishes Redness or itching of the skin Boils Skin ulcerations Skin abrasions Dental problems (sore gums‚ dental abscesses‚ bad breath) Constipation Indigestion Environmental and heavy metal toxicity