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On March 6, 2020, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) notified seven different companies that they were fraudulently selling products that could potentially ameliorate or treat COVID-19. They included colloidal silver and essential oils in addition to some teas and tinctures that were herbal in nature.
While I understand the FDA’s concern, since their officials are not trained in herbal and integrative medicine (nor do they regulate them), I believe they are overreaching in their condemnation of some of these products because they simply are not familiar with them and are not aware of studies that show how they work in treating various illnesses and enhancing one’s immune system.

There are several natural products that have been shown to be helpful in treating mild, moderate, and sometimes even severe cases of illness. These products include American ginseng, echinacea, Sambucus formosana Nakai (a special kind of elderberry not available in this country), higher dose vitamin C, and ultrafine colloidal silver (better known as bio-active silver hydrosol). Sambucus formosana Nakai has been found to have strong activity against an earlier human coronavirus (not COVID-19).

It bears repeating that S. formosana Nakai is not the same elderberry that is found on your local supplement store shelves; this species contains caffeic acid, which is responsible for most of the anti-coronavirus activity. Caffeic acid is found in coffee, wine, turmeric, basil, thyme, oregano, sage, cabbage, apples, strawberries, cauliflower radishes, mushrooms, kale, pears and olive oil. (It certainly would not hurt to load up on caffeic acid-rich foods--minus excessive amounts of coffee and wine!)
While I do not practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, included here is a list of well-accepted herbs that have been found to help with viral infections:
Shuanghuanglian with honeysuckle, Chinese skullcap and forsythia, Bupleurum, Heteromorpha, Scrophularia scorodonia, Lycoris radiataArtemisia annuaPyrrosia lingua, Lindera aggregata, Isatis indigoticaTorreya nucifera, and Houttuynia cordata.

Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

Another supplement that the FDA scoffed at was silver hydrosol. Clearly, they do not have any experience treating pulmonary infections with silver aerosols.
Many physicians around the world use high-quality, bio-active silver hydrosol such as Sovereign Silver or professional grade Argentyn 23 silver.
These two supplements, made by Natural Immunogenics in Florida, are some of the finest silver hydrosols in the world. They use ultra-fine particles of silver that, when in contact with a virus, obliterate it! Unfortunately, it is in high demand from physicians; we cannot get any Argentyn 23 silver right now. We have a limited supply in stock and have more Sovereign Silver on order. The reason it is in high demand and the reason that we can’t get it is because it works!
I have treated numerous patients with complicated lung infections, including my own father, with silver hydrosol. There’s absolutely no chance of developing argyria , which is an excessive accumulation of silver, and the silver is so fine that it does not trigger any type of foreign body reaction in the lungs.

It bears repeating that I cannot attest to the efficacy of silver hydrosol against COVID-19. It’s a new virus, and so the studies just aren’t there. What I can say is that bio-active silver hydrosol has been used to successfully eradicate other corona viruses, specifically SARS and MERS.

My recommendation--in addition to the other healthful actions to take listed in my previous article--is to for people to first proactively use silver hydrosol as a powerful preventative to build up their immune system.*

If someone begins to get sick with fever, cough, and a runny nose and is concerned that they have the flu or COVID-19, it would be very reasonable for them to start an aerosol protocol. It can be taken every hour, and one could expect their symptoms to improve within just a few hours--and certainly within 24 hours. It acts very quickly! However, one needs to stay on a moderate dose that controls the symptoms for up to two weeks. NOTE: This treatment is best begun under the advice and supervision of a physician.* Do not mix silver hydrosol with ANYTHING except distilled water. It will inactivate it.
If symptoms have not improved within 24 hours, or if they have gotten worse. Call your physician immediately. A visit to the Emergency Department may be in order.

Another effective protocol one might consider if one begins to get sick and is concerned that they may have flu or COVID-19 is to increase one’s vitamin C intake.* Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is virucidal (i.e. it kills many viruses). Taking vitamin C in its powdered form ensures you are getting a more pure and potent formula. Powdered vitamin C has fewer ingredients, a longer shelf half-life, and is cheaper than capsules or tablets.

*For more information on how to use Bio-active Silver Hydrosol and vitamin C to fight flu and viruses, contact Chris via our direct message feature or our Contact Us page. Fifteen-minute telemedicine appointments to discuss COVID-19 and flu treatment with Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan are available for a limited time and on a limited basis. 

By Elizabeth R. Vaughan, MD

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